About us

Biblioteca Amílcar Cabral is located inside Villa Caldesi/La Casa dell'Angelo, in via San Mamolo 24.

The library was initially an integral part of the Centro Amílcar Cabral, founded in 1974 by the will of the Municipality of Bologna as an observatory and Centre for Studies on African, Asian and Latin American countries. Now it belongs to Settore Biblioteche e Welfare culturale del Comune di Bologna | Bologna Biblioteche.

Over the years, the areas of interest have grown to include other topics, such as migrations, minorities, international issues, colonialism, international cooperation, human rights, slavery and slave trade, racisms, racialization, globalization, environment and climate crisis, literatures and travel stories.

The main aims of the library are to collect, develop, conserve and enhance its heritage also thanks to moments of information, learning activity and in-depth analysis, such as conferences, meetings, book presentations, reading groups, seminars and exhibitions.

The library is part of Specialmente in biblioteca, the network of specialized libraries in Bologna, and Patto per la lettura di Bologna.


On Tuesday 18 April 2023 Bologna City Council approved the appointment of the specialists who make up the Scientific Committee of the Biblioteca Amilcar Cabral.

The Scientific Committee is composed of professors who are appointed by the Mayor and have acknowledged skills and educational background in the specific topics of the library:

Francesca Biancani, Uoldelul Chelati Dirar, Maria Cristina Ercolessi, Antonio Fiori, Anna Maria Gentili, Luca Jourdan, Giovanni Marchetti, Saverio Marchignoli, Bruno Riccio, Giulio Soravia, Roberto Vecchi.

Consultation, study and in-depth analysis of the subjects characterizing the objectives of the library constitute the core of the Committee's activities. The members will remain in office until the end of the administrative term.


Simona Brighetti | simona.brighetti@comune.bologna.it
Monica Conigliaro | monica.conigliaro@comune.bologna.it
Luciana Lai | luciana.lai@comune.bologna.it
Lorenza Lanfranco | lorenza.lanfranco@comune.bologna.it
Diana Marchesi | diana.marchesi@comune.bologna.it
Eugenia Paolucci | eugenia.paolucci@comune.bologna.it
Anna Maria Rossi | annamaria.rossi@comune.bologna.it

For any question or request for information, you can write to BibliotecaCabral@comune.bologna.it

www.centrocabral.com is the website of the Centro/Biblioteca Amílcar Cabral which was active until December 2022: it collects and presents news, bibliographies, useful links and several online resources. This set of content has been partly reviewed, updated and reorganized on the new website which has been active since April 2023 www.bibliotecaamilcarcabral.it

www.centrocabral.com will be kept accessible as an online archive.